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Walk A Trip Down Memory Lane And Revisit The Biggest Celebrity Feuds That Shook The Four Corners Of Hollywood

Who doesn’t like to see a little celebrity feud? Yeah, we know it’s terrible, but don’t you think hearing what the two biggest celebrities say about each other is fun? Add to that their avid fans, then you should make your popcorns ready to watch and see the things they have to say to their favorite stars, especially on social media. Don’t you think it’s exciting to wait for their every post, revealing the deepest darkest secrets they know about one another?
You can see a war of words, insults flying left, right, and center or wherever it may hit each other’s camps. Who among the stars today you can give the credit for being the Queen of Shade? Can you remember the time when the Kanye West and Taylor Swift feud dominated the headlines because of their fit? It all started in 2009, but the rivalry continues until today-– yes, after more than a decade! This is how worse celebrity feuds can turn into.
So, without further ado, here is the celebrity feud list that you surely want to know what happened (or if it still happens).

Naomi Campbell Vs. Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks broke her silence about her feud with fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell. It all started at the beginning of her career. At the time, she believed Campbell was doing everything in her power to put her out of sight. Banks somehow understood the 50-year-old catwalker because the competition was tight.
She didn’t even want to call Campbell as her rival. Campbell was already credited as an established model when Banks was only starting. Now that she’s more matured and experienced, Banks said Campbell’s reaction in an industry where everything was all about “a token” was only natural. There was only one spot and Campbell wanted to guard her place. On the other hand, Campbell had nothing but good words for Banks, saying she’s proud of her as a “woman of color.”